Acquisition Criteria

Champion seeks to acquire transportation related real estate and outdoor storage properties with the following characteristics:

  • Property: Will purchase stabilized properties, land for ground up construction and, tear-down opportunities;

  • Land Size: 5 acres to 100 acres;

  • Building Size: No building up to 100,000 SF;

  • Floor Area Ratio (FAR): Maximum building to land FAR of 0.25;

  • Lease Terms: Prefer properties with short term leases or completely vacant;

  • Build-to-Suits: We will enter into forward commitments for build-to-suit and acquire-to-suit opportunities;

  • Acquisition Value: Minimum $5,000,000.


Truck and Trailer Sales and Leasing

Truck and Trailer Repair and Maintenance

Truck Terminals (LTL or TL)

Last Mile Facilities

Truck, Trailer, Container & Chassis Parking Facilities

Transload Facilities


Heavy Equipment Sales & Rental Facilities

Tool Rental Facilities

Laydown Yards

Contractor/Supplier Bulk Material Yards

Bus Parking Facilities

Car Parking Facilities (Car Rental, Fleets)

Recycling Facilities